How does it work?

  • Choose a video from any of supported services (here's the list ), paste its url into web-to-webm and press enter.
  • You can choose additional options now:
    • set resolution
    • choose fragment of input video to be converted
    • set quality (bitrate)
    • or remove sound
  • Push the conversion button and wait until completed. It's that simple!


Windows 32 bit installer 30.1MB version 0.7.2 webtowebm-win-32-0.7.2-installer.exe
Windows 64 bit installer 33.4MB version 0.7.2 webtowebm-win-64-0.7.2-installer.exe
Windows 32 bit portable 28.9MB version 0.7.2 webtowebm-win-32-0.7.2-portable.7z
Windows 64 bit portable 32.1MB version 0.7.2 webtowebm-win-64-0.7.2-portable.7z
OS X 64 bit 44.5MB version 0.7.2 webtowebm-osx-64-0.7.2.dmg
Source 70.4KB version 0.7.2 web-to-webm-0.7.2.tar.gz


Download only

web-to-webm may be used as gui of youtube-dl. If you want to keep original video and don't convert it to webm, make sure that Options->Don't convert (download only) is checked.

Remove audio

If you check Options->Remove audio, it won't be added to output video.

Time format for cutting

Format is derived from ffmpeg. You have to use colons as separators. There are three options:

You can mix these standards (e.g. 55 - 01:15 which is equivalent of 00:55 - 01:15 or 55 - 75).

Lightweight mode

If your computer has problems with displaying player or you simply don't need it, you can switch to lightweight mode. To do this, check Options->Lightweight mode

For more see README.

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